Beacon Sound Soundcloud

021 Neal Morgan 'SKETCHBOOK March 2015-March 2016' cassette.
020 Jóhann Jóhannsson 'And In The Endless Pause...' cassette. sold out.
019 Munma 'Three Voices' cassette.
018 Terry Riley 'Songs For The Ten Voices Of The Two Prophets' LP*.
017 Terry Riley 'Whirling Moonshine Dervishes' LP*. sold out.
       * both Terry Riley LP's available as deluxe package w/ special sleeve + liner notes.
016 Derek Hunter Wilson 'Travelogue' LP.
015 Ora Cogan 'Shadowland' LP. Co-release with Hidden City.
014 Chambers 'Satellites' cassette.
013 Colleen 'Everyone Alive Wants Answers' cassette. 2nd edition now available.
012 Benoit Pioulard 'Stanza' cassette. Co-release with Baro. sold out.
011 La Nuit 'Desert Television' LP/cassette. cassette sold out.
010 Nummn 'Tabla II' cassette.
009 Rauelsson 'Ekō' 10" (100 available with postcard pack).
008 Heather Woods Broderick 'Glider' cassette. sold out.
007 Peter Broderick 'COTN RMXD' 7". sold out.
006 Stina Nordenstam 'The World Is Saved' LP+7". 
005 Gareth Dickson 'Invisible String' cassette. sold out.
004 Peter Broderick and Gabriel Saloman 'S/T' LP/cassette. sold out.
003 Lucrecia Dalt 'Commotus' cassette. sold out.
002 Isla De Los Estados 'Expreso' cassette. sold out.
001 Apartment Fox 'S/T' cassette. sold out.

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