"We do the curating that the RSD organization refuses to"

Record Store Day 2017 is Sat April 22nd. We'll be opening at 6am this year with complimentary coffee for the early birds. Check the list below of the titles we'll have in stock; perhaps you can avoid the long lines at the bigger Portand-area shops that are participating, or at least knock a few must-haves off your list first.

We'll also be offering two specials exclusive to Beacon Sound:

1. We'll have a handful of copies of our nearly-sold-out cassette release of Colleen's debut album "Everyone Alive Wants Answers" packaged with the vinyl LP that was reissued last year by Leaf for $22. 

2. We'll also be offering our deluxe Terry Riley package (see webshop) for only $35 -- Saturday only.

These are the exclusive RSD 2017 releases that we'll have in stock (updated up until the 22nd). We limited the list to 25 titles so please don't be offended if the record you're looking for is not listed here. As always, some of them have been severely allocated and available in very limited quantities (one per person, please):

1. Colleen "Golden Morning Breaks" **

2. Colleen "Les Ondes Silencieuses" **

3. Colleen "...Et Les Boîtes À Musique" **

4. Cinematic Orchestra "Ma Fleur"

5. Autocreation "Mettle"

6. Spacemen 3 "Recurring"

7. Spacemen 3 "Playing With Fire"

8. Spacemen 3 "For All The Fucked Up Children"

9. Thomas de Hartmann "The Music of Gurdjieff / de Hartmann" box set

10. Popol Vuh "Cobra Verde" OST

11. The Dark Crystal OST

12. Psychic Migrations OST

13. Ciao! Manhattan OST

14. Abdullah OST

15. Creation Rebel "Starship Africa"

16. Hudson Mohawke "Watch Dogs 2"

17. Primal Scream "Mixomatosis"

18. Nico & The Faction "Fata Morgana"

19. Moondog "S/T"

20. Nilsson "Nilsson Schmilsson"

21. Roky Erickson tribute comp

22. The Sundays "Blind"

23. Luna "Penthouse"

24. Meredith Monk "Key"

25. Shocking Blue "At Home"

** Beacon Sound will be releasing all three of these Colleen albums on cassette this summer!


Being both a shop and a label gives us a unique perspective on RSD and it is clear that the majors 1) don't have the interests of smaller, vinyl-only shops in mind 2) tend to release unnecessary and uninspiring titles, and 3), because of their lack of restraint, vinyl pressing plants are overwhelmed and co-opted by them, leading to numerous issues for smaller/independent labels. We would like to see an RSD that is less of a money grab for the biggest players in the music industry -- an RSD that is well-curated, more tightly managed, and focused on a limited number of truly exciting releases.